Your diving adventure starts here!

Welcome to Indigo Scuba, an owner run dive centre in Gordon’s Bay.  We are a stone’s throw away from Cape Town and a short drive from just about everywhere else!

We’re passionate about the ocean and scuba diving and we want to share this with you!

Whether you’re looking for an internationally recognised scuba diving course; want to dive the best, most beautiful dive sites around Cape Town or would like to go on an ocean safari,  we’re here to make that happen.

Please contact us today to let us know how we can help you – we’d love to be part of your adventure!

Why choose Indigo Scuba?

  • Some of the most experienced instructors, skippers and dive guides in Cape Town
  • Great attention to safety and stress-free diving
  • Well maintained scuba diving gear and equipment
  • Two 8.4m dive boats (zodiacs / rubber ducks) built for your comfort
  • Photographer and film crew friendly
  • On-site shop with great gear at excellent prices
  • Heated, 3m deep indoor training pool
  • We want you to enjoy your dives and have fun!

Why You Will Love Diving with Indigo Scuba…

We go the extra mile

Tired of diving the same old dive sites all the time? Come to Indigo Scuba – we will go the extra mile to take you to new and exciting dive sites.

We aim to find the best possible conditions and dive sites on the day.

There will always be an experienced Dive Master or Instructor to assist you on the boat.

Do you like to swim slowly or take photos?
One of us will always be in the water taking photos and you are welcome to join us. We’ll show you the best critters on the reef and help you find those that are positioned properly for your photos so that you don’t damage the reef to get the best angle.

Do you have to dive with our DMs?
Experienced divers can dive unaccompanied by us, subject to the following safety precautions for their own benefit:

  • Have a dive buddy;
  • Have an SMB (and must be able to deploy it at the end of the dive before they surface);
  • Dive time is a maximum 60 minutes per dive in order to be considerate of the other divers on the boat (we know some of our customers can dive much longer than 60 min)
  • Always stay within your dive time limits (dive tables / dive computer)
  • Always start your ascent with sufficient air in your tank (no less than 50 bar depending on depth)

We want you to relax and enjoy your dives with us at Indigo Scuba!
Deon, Kate and Jaco

Scuba Courses
Courses & Training

Start your diving adventure today and sign up for one of our internationally recognised scuba diving courses! We offer courses from beginner level upwards, as well as an exciting selection of specialty courses to help you take your skills to the next level.

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Scuba Diving in Cape Town

Come Diving!

Cape Town’s underwater world is incredibly beautiful, colourful and diverse!  There is so much to see – from incredible kelp forests, glittering reefs to exciting wrecks and from largest to the tiniest of creatures – Cape Town diving has something for every diver of every level.

Choose your dive!
Boat Charters

Ocean Safaris

Come and explore the coastline with us and search for whales, dolphins, seals, Cape clawless otters and ocean-going birds.  The mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to our leisurely ocean safaris, sunset cruises – and faster rides for those who like a little bit more excitement!

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