If you ask a group of scuba divers why they love scuba diving so much, you’ll receive a multitude of different replies.   We asked some of our regular divers why they enjoyed scuba diving so much.

This is what they had to say. Can you relate to their replies?

  1. The whole fantastic array of creatures which make up the underwater world, the way the lives interact, the way that there’s a moment of grace for me in almost every dive where I feel a sense of connectedness to all these infinitely strange lives busy around me.

    Exploring Reefs

    Exploring Reefs

  2. For me scuba diving is switching off from the rest of the world into an environment where only scuba divers will know what I mean. It’s peaceful, relaxing and exploring things you have never seen in your life before.
  3. No one can talk to you, which makes it peaceful and relaxing. You can relax and explore a wreck, a reef or just watch fish interacting whilst knowing your buddy is (should be!) at your side. It has something magical that also creates a special bond between divers.

    Sharing experiences with others

    Sharing experiences with others

  4. Nothing on the surface comes close. When one is down there it is like you are on another planet – full of beautiful and diverse “alien” life! It’s also as if time slows down and you can just drift and relax.
  5. Every dive is different and you never know what creatures you will encounter and that’s exciting. Also taking underwater pictures has become something I’m passionate about. Seeing things that very few people get to see. I’m a nature lover and like to raise awareness and protect our ocean.

    I love scuba diving "this much"!

    I love scuba diving “this much”!

  6. While you are diving, it is just you and the creatures of the sea. Absolute peace and quiet that you can’t find anywhere else on Earth. It truly is an entire different planet that you get to explore. Not many humans are lucky enough to be able to say they’ve explored the Big Blue Planet.
  7. The way you can connect with nature and ocean life… And time spending diving, is sooo relaxing and peaceful that you feel revitalized after each dive ready to take on the busy work schedule again!Sarah
  8. Being able to experience a world that is so awesome, no words can describe the peace, the beauty and power behind the creation.
  9. It is a world on its own when you are under the water….feels that you had a mini vacation when you come out.IMG_2942lr
  10. The silence, the new world, being close to nature and sharing it with like minded friends.

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* White board drawing by Marelie Venter who is now a scuba diving instructor at Zighy Bay, Oman 😀