10 Top Reasons Why People Become Scuba Divers!

Scuba diving is an amazing hobby-slash-lifestyle-slash-sport that once learnt, can bring you a lifetime of adventure, excitement, travel, relaxation, fun, entertainment, meeting new friends and a whole lot more, depending on the type of diving you prefer….

We asked some of our regular divers why they learned to dive and this is what they had to say:

1.    I wanted to explore marine environments and see all the critters that I have learnt about in lectures or on tv.

2.    I was looking for a new lifestyle.

3.    To explore the underwater world and experience the great source of joy and ineffable beauty the ocean has to offer.

4.    I’ve always loved the sea and swimming and I wanted to experience a new world.

5.    We wanted a hobby as a couple and needed something that gave us a complete breakaway from work.


6.    I always snorkelled in the rock pools at our beach house, as a kid, where my love for the underwater world began. Diving gives me the sense of adventure I had as a child.

7.    It’s been a lifelong dream to dive deeper than what I could by holding my breath.

8.    I am a nature person and always wanted to know what the creation of God was like underwater.

9.    I needed a hobby.

10.    I love the ocean and adventure sport, so what do you get when mixing the two…? Scuba Diving!

Can you relate to these comments? Do you feel the same way?  If you’re not already a scuba diver, what are you waiting for?!  Come and do your Open Water Diver Course with us at Indigo Scuba and your dreams will become a reality!