The Top 10 Interesting and Unusual Fish You’ll Find in Gordon’s Bay

The Top 10 Interesting and Unusual Fish You’ll Find in Gordon’s Bay

Diving along the Gordon’s Bay coastline is colourful, beautiful and bountiful.  Those who dive with us for the first time are amazed at the amount of life on our reefs – from colourful soft corals and sponges, a myriad of different types of nudibranchs, sea fans, cuttlefish, octopus, seals, sharks and fish.

What makes Gordon’s Bay diving really special are the interesting and unusual fish you’ll find here.

Here are the top 10 fish you simply have to look out for when diving with us:

1.  Rock Sucker


The most grumpy-looking fish you’ll see, but so ugly, he’s cute.  Quite camouflated, usually found lying on the sides of rocks.

2.  Doublesash Butterfly Fish


Very timid fish, usually found darting around the reef close to overhangs where they can quickly disappear.  They prefer slightly warmer water, so usually only spotted when water temperatures are around 18 – 20C.

3.  Koester


Very inquisitive fish, usually hiding in cracks in the reef or under rocks.  When a diver approaches, they usually back off and then come out for a closer look, where they will peer at you inquisitively, for ages!

 4.   Knifejaw (Juvenile)


The juveniles are often spotted hiding in overhangs.  Adult knifejaws are inquisitive and often swim up close to divers for a better look.  This makes them easy targets for spear fishermen 🙁

5.  Evileye Pufferfish


These quirky looking fish with their dense bodies move awkwardly when swimming.  Found swimming close to the bottom on reefs.

6.  Smoothskin Horse Fish


Huge horse fish like this can be found at Steenbras Deep.  They are incredibly well camouflaged and often difficult to spot.  Well worth looking out for!

7.  Horned Blenny


Comical-looking horned blennies can be found chilling on the reef, watching the world go by.  Who can’t resist those goofy looking smiles?

8.  Comber


Quite rare and not often seen.  Perhaps because of this they are inquisitive of divers and often come out of their hiding places for a closer look if you wait patiently for them.  We see them now and again at Steenbras Deep.

9.  White Sea Catfish


Catfish Alley  at Steenbras Deep – an overhang filled with catfish – an amazing sight to see.  You have to approach them carefully though, as they don’t like torch light very much!

10.  Peacock Klipvis


Very cute little fish, usually found hiding on palmate sea fans, where they dart about from frond to frond.

To come and see these fish for yourselves, book a dive with Indigo Scuba!  Find out more about our boat charters and guided dives here.

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