5 Scuba-Related Questions Divers Are Too Embarrassed to Ask

There are some questions we find our divers are just too embarrassed to ask us, usually because they think the question is stupid.  In our book, there is no such thing as a stupid question…. only those that don’t get asked!

Here are some of the most popular:

What can I wear under my wetsuit?


It really is personal preference, but our guy divers find speedos or lycra shorts the most comfortable as board shorts tend to bunch up a bit.  Ladies tend to wear bikinis (easier for changing out of in public) or swimming costumes.  Nobody yet has admitted to wearing a mankini on one of our dives, but we have our suspicions ….


What is a Double Tank / Two Tank dive?


A double tank or two tank dive is where you will do two dives from the boat without returning to the shore / harbour / slipway.  You get two cylinders (tanks) – one for your first dive and another for your second dive.  You will do your surface interval between dives on the boat and will change cylinders on the boat during this time.  Once you have had the correct amount of surface interval time, you will do your second dive.  Double tank dives are great as they cut down on sometimes bumpy boat rides out to dive sites. As cylinder space is limited on the boat, it does, however, mean that less divers can be accommodated on a double tank dive.

Is it safe to go into a hot tub or shower after diving?

hot tub boat

The hot tub (or hot shower) will warm the extremities and restore circulation faster, especially after a very cold dive. If the amount of inert gas in your body is small,  hot water will increase the rate of elimination because of the improved blood flow. Larger amounts of inert gas in your body can be more of a problem. Since the solubility of gas is inversely related to temperature, tissues will hold less in solution as they warm. Warming tissue with significant amounts of soluble gas can promote bubble formation. Since the warming of the superficial tissues precedes the increase in blood flow, such bubbles can become problematic in the form of DCS, before the circulation can remove them harmlessly.  This will depend on your dive profile as well.   Wait at least 30 minutes before you jump into the jacuzzi or shower and make sure the water is warm but not too hot.

Can I take seasick pills?

If you suffer from seasickness, take a seasick pill the night before you dive to get it into your system and then another first thing in the morning (but not too close to your dive as some can make you drowsy).  It is always best to check different brands out before going diving to see which makes you the least drowsy.

Can I get have a massage the same day as diving?  I have heard this could cause DCS…


A number of liveaboards and dive resorts offer massages after dives, and this is a very valid question.

There is a concern that tissue massage may induce micronuclei formation and encourage bubble formation. Tissue stimulation could also increase blood flow which may either positively enhance tissue gas elimination or precipitate problematic bubble formation.

According to DAN, no research has been carried out to address this question although it is believed that this effect would depend on dive profiles and intensity of the massage. Massage has not been confidently associated with any of the cases of DCS reported to DAN. The clearest piece of advice is that deep tissue massage should probably be avoided, so that the potential of post-dive pain and diagnostic confusion are minimized.