7 Great Reasons Why You Should Learn to Scuba Dive

Here are 7 great reasons why you should learn to scuba dive. There are many more reasons and benefits. Why not sign up for one of our internationally recognised scuba courses and to find out more? 🙂

It’s beautiful under the ocean

I’ll never forget my first dive; it was like swimming in a magical forest. Sunlight glittered through the kelp which swayed gently in the surge, drawing patterns in the sand. There were rocks covered in pink, orange and purple sponges and sea urchins. An inquisitive baby seal zoomed around me as I learned to become one with the ocean.

Learning a new skill enriches your life

Becoming a scuba diver doesn’t just involve jumping into the water with all the right gear. You have to learn about the gear – how it works and why you need it. You need to learn how to dive safely and why. What you learn on your path to becoming a scuba diver brings you a wealth of new knowledge and skills! You can take your diving all the way to instructor. This means there is always something new to learn and, ultimately, to share in scuba diving!

You meet a whole new group of friends

I have made so many amazing friends from around the globe whilst scuba diving. Divers are a friendly and pretty laid back bunch of people. We are united by a love of the ocean. Joined by the excitement of exploring its hidden treasures or the quest to get that perfect photo. There is always something to chat about with fellow divers. Diving is very social and we hold regular get-togethers and trips at Indigo Scuba. This means that you get to meet many more people just like you!

Scuba Diving is fun!

Scuba diving isn’t like golf or tennis. It’s not a competitive sport. We’re all in it together and for the same reason – to have a relaxing dive and to see what we can find “down there”. The chatter after a dive is always filled with excited “did you see that…” “What was that…?” “You should have seen…” or “it was THIS big!” There’s always lots of laughter too…

Scuba Diving is relaxing – yes, really!

What could be more relaxing than being weightless in the ocean? Or floating in a beautiful world of colourful marine life, shipwrecks and fish? Away from the phone and the demands of everyday life, scuba diving puts you in a zen-like state that is so relaxing. You’ll feel like a whole new person after a dive!

Scuba Diving is a great bonding experience

Whether you are learning to dive or exploring the underwater world together, diving is a great bonding experience. You have to be attentive and pay a lot of attention to each other – probably more attention than you usually do. You’ll need to check where they are and how much air they have left. And you’ll learn a lot of new hand signals too. Diving brings you closer. The sharing of an amazing find – whether a new fish, wreck or nudibranch you’ve never seen before – makes the experience very exciting and special.

You get to travel to exciting places

It could be a new local dive spot you would not normally dream of visiting. Or a far-flung international location you’d never heard of until you started reading all those diving magazines. Diving takes you to some of the most fascinating and interesting places on earth. The ocean covers 71% of the earth’s surface and 95% still remains unexplored … there’s a lot still to be discovered!!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your Open Water Scuba Diver Course with Indigo Scuba today and become a diver! If you’re still not sure whether diving is for you, give us a call or come and visit us – we’re here to answer all your questions!

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