The Big Pool Project: Week 1

This week, we started building our eagerly and long-awaited swimming pool 😀

It’s been a long time coming – from having the plans drawn up; the plans approved by the local municipality; and then waiting for the rainy season to be over so that we could start digging… Well, we’re now here and the big day arrived!

Boat Port 1 Moved...

Boat Port 1 Moved…

First, we had to move the boat port for Indigo 1 to make way for the pool…. Finding space for two boats, a boat trailer, an offroad trailer, and the landy to make space for the bricks and soil twas a bit of a mission….

Bringing the bricks in...

Bringing the bricks in…

Then, yesterday, the bricks arrived and the pallets had to be lifted over the front fence with a crane…

Today, the digger loader arrived and started to dig….

Breaking ground!

Breaking ground – the deep end


The shallow end

The shallow end

Pool Progres 010

Getting deeper…

Pool Progres 013

Just a small mountain…

And what comes out, must go somewhere. There was soon a mountain of soil in front of Indigo Scuba!

Pool Progres 018

The deep end

Much of the soil will be used as a retaining wall but the rest will need to be removed tomorrow….

Not much parking space!

Not much parking space!