Dive Charters

Scuba Diving in Cape Town is some of the most beautiful, colourful, diverse and exciting diving you will ever do.

With our dive charters, we’re here to take you to the top dive sites in Cape Town – False Bay and the Cape Peninsula.  With our fully equipped 8 metre dive boat and experienced dive guides, you can be assured that at Indigo Scuba you will have the best Cape Town scuba diving experience ever.

Gordon’s Bay Dive Sites (eastern side of False Bay)

In summer the South Easterly wind tends to blow consistently, clearing the water on the Eastern side of False Bay (Gordon’s Bay to Rooi Els).  The dive sites here are extremely colourful with soft corals, sponges, kelp forests, nudibranchs, cold water fish, puffadder shy sharks, pyjama sharks, sea fans, sea anemones, sea urchins, cuttlefish, octopus, seals and the occasional sunfish.    We launch our boat a stone’s throw away from Indigo Scuba at Harbour Island in Gordon’s Bay.

Simon’s Town Dive Sites (western side of False Bay)

In winter, the North Westerly wind clears up the water on the Western side of False Bay (Simons Town to Cape Point).  The dive sites are mainly situated in Marine Protected Areas and are very rich in fish life.  Reefs consist of huge granite boulders covered with kelp forests, feather stars, starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, nudibranchs and colourful soft corals.  The famous Pyramid Rock with its sevengill cowsharks is on this side of the Bay.

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