Cape Town Dive Festival: Dive Site – Friskies Pinnacle

Friskies Pinnacle will be our third dive on both days of the Cape Town Dive Festival, launching from Seaforth Beach at 12:10.

map of Friskies Pinnacle

Friskies is one of a large group of reefs scattered around the area marked by the Roman Rock lighthouse. This is a newly explored and surveyed pinnacle, which has not been dived much in the past, if at all.

The Name:

The name “Friskies” was given to the site by some of the divers on the first recorded dive trip to the reef, in appreciation of a particularly frisky young seal which accompanied the divers for some time.



Maximum depth is about 22m and the top of the pinnacle is about 12m. Average depth is about 15m.


Friskies is a compact dive site comprising a small fairly steep pinnacle rising about 10m above the sand, surrounded by a boulders, some quite large, and with a more scattered group of large boulders to the immediate north-east. About 100m slightly east of north from the main pinnacle there is a lower pinnacle known as North Friskies, with a small amount of lower reef to the east.



Pre-Cambrian granite of the Peninsula pluton, surrounded by sand.

The Dive:

The reef is centred on the pinnacle. The boat will put down a shot line near to the top of the pinnacle, and this is an appropriate place to start and end the dive. The main part of the dive can be spent exploring the reef down to the sand, then slowly making your way back to the pinnacle.

IMG_6972 2

The Cape Town Dive Festival will take place on 2 and 3 May at Seaforth Beach in Simon’s Town.  To book your place on our boat (Boat G), please email:  and for more information about the festival, please visit the Cape Town Dive Festival website at

Source:  Wikivoyage, Peter Southwood