December 2017

Creature Feature: The Grumpy Rocksucker


Well-camouflaged and always grumpy looking, the Rocksucker is one of our favourite fish. They are such characters!  I think it's because they are so ugly, they're cute [...]

Creature Feature: The Grumpy Rocksucker2017-12-06T14:21:54+00:00

October 2014

October 2012

March 2012

This Weekend’s Dive Report: 10&11 March 2012


We had three great dives at Steenbras Deep this weekend. On Saturday morning, we had excellent visibility - although about 5 metres on the pinnacles, [...]

This Weekend’s Dive Report: 10&11 March 20122012-03-11T21:33:14+00:00

April 2011

Our Latest Video – Diving at A-Frame


Johan and Abre dive at A-Frame in Simon's Town (Cape Town) as part of their NAUI Scuba Diver Course with Indigo Scuba Diving Centre in [...]

Our Latest Video – Diving at A-Frame2014-02-24T13:17:28+00:00

May 2010

Winter Diving is Great!


We’re really excited – winter seems to have arrived and that means we can look forward to diving in Simon’s Town again.Simon’s Town has a [...]

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April 2010

Diving Report – Summer 2010


Summer diving in Cape Town waters this year has been extremely disappointing. What promised to be a great season just didn't happen.We started off with [...]

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January 2010

The Low Down on Cape Town Diving


The waters of Cape Town are rich in marine life and offer year round diving for scuba divers of every level and preference – from [...]

The Low Down on Cape Town Diving2010-01-27T07:45:00+00:00