Dive Report: 9 September 2019

This weekend was a winner in Gordon’s Bay with great conditions, flat water and so many interesting (and new, to us) critters!

On Saturday we dived Cow and Calf and Dirty Rock and Sunday we had a double tanker at Steenbras Deep.

The fish life is very prolific at all dive sites with many hottentot and silver fish following the divers around.  Unusual finds on our shallower dives included purple ladies (usually seen on our deeper dives) and a huge ink spot nudibranch (which haven’t been found at Cow and Calf for a while).

Steenbras Deep was incredible with mirror flat surface conditions and incredible visibility from the moment we started our descent, right down to the bottom of the reef at 32 metres.   The dive was really light and clear, and with hardly any surge, we were able to capture some great super macro critters.  We spotted two tiny black gasflame nudibranchs (a first for us) as well as a beautiful Mandela nudibranch with unusual markings.  The blennies with their goofy smiles were out in full force, as were the bull klipfish and cute little speckled klipfish.  On the way back to Harbour Island, we came across a large number of very small Cape fur seals playing around on the surface.  They were such fun to watch!

A great early start to our diving season in Gordon’s Bay!  You’ll have to come and join us next time!