Dive Report: 11.11.2017

Following a week of very strong south easters, we had been looking forward to diving in the crystal clear waters that had been beckoning us all week.  Sadly, this was not to be as the wind changed direction on Friday and visibility dropped, becoming patchy by Saturday morning. But so is diving and so is the weather…  we are at the mercy of the weather man (or woman) who sometimes throws a spanner in the works.

On Saturday morning, we launched from Harbour Island in Gordon’s Bay and chose to dive Steenbras River Mouth, followed by Stone Dog.


We entered quite shallow at Steenbras River Mouth and although the water was flat with only a slight wind chop, there was quite a bit of surge in the shallow parts of the reef.  We made our way to the outer (and deeper) part of the reef and at 15m, we had significantly less surge.  Visibility was hovering around 5m.  It appears that the “season” is a little behind this year and is probably why we are still seeing Southern Right whales along our side of False Bay, when they are usually long gone by now.  Our nudibranchs are still hibernating and we did not come across the fields of nudibranchs that are usually found at Steenbras River Mouth.  It’s actually quite an interesting dive for nudis, as you will usually find an area seething with black nudibranchs, only to move on to another area where you will find loads and loads of gasflame nudis. Then, a little further along you will come across a multitude of silvertips.  We did come across a number of the rock suckers that are usually found on this dive  site, as well as some very curious and feisty klipfish.

Our next dive was halfway between Stone Dog and Pinnacle and the nudis were more in abundance (although not up to their usual numbers yet).  We had lots of Cape dorids, Inkspot nudibranchs, silvertip and black nudis.  The spider crabs made an appearance on some of the sea fans and teeny tiny rock suckers could be seen on some of the rocks.  Visibility was somewhat better here and the divers had a great time exploring the pinnacles and swimming amongst the beds of sea fans.

On Sunday morning we took a group of divers from the Maties Underwater Club out to Steenbras Deep and from all accounts, they had a thoroughly enjoyable dive.  This really is one of the most beautiful dive sites  in False Bay and never ceases to disappoint.

Well, it looks like our season is here at last and we look forward to doing many more beautiful dives in Gordon’s Bay.  If you’d like to join us, and stay up to date with our plans, please remember to subscribe to our weekly newsletter by filling in your details in the yellow block that can be found on the right hand side of this page on our website. 😀