Dive Report: 24.09.2019

Despite the huge swells forecast for Cape Town over the long weekend, we had expected the swells to drop by Monday and to be able to launch.  And we were right!

The swells had flattened out quite considerably by mid-day on Sunday and the water was looking quite promising.  Monday’s dives were on and Steenbras Deep it was!

We had a comfortable ride out to the first pinnacle at Steenbras Deep and although it was still surgy, we had a great dive with lots to see – including a horse fish, bull klipfish, lots of nudibranchs (including Mandelas) shysharks and a playful seal. We then had a relaxing surface interval as we pottered over to the second pinnacle 1km away.

After warming up in the sun on mirror flat seas, we had another enjoyable dive exploring the nooks and crannies and beautiful reef teeming with life, including lots of basket stars, Hottentot, Red Roman, Janbruin, frilly nudibranchs, blennies and white sea catfish.

Were we glad we’d launched?  Absolutely!   What a perfect way to finish our long weekend!

Thank you to all the divers who joined us – we hope to welcome you all back on board again soon 😀