Dive Report: 27 & 28 October 2019

What a great weekend of diving in Gordon’s Bay again!

We had nice calm dives on the shallower sites (Cow and Calf and Dirty Rock) on Saturday, with a twin tanker at Steenbras Deep on Sunday.

The marine life at our shallow dive sites along the cliffs is starting to emerge after a long winter and quite a lot of very tiny nudibranchs (as well as a few huge ones too!) are also making an appearance. We spotted a very cute little cuttlefish at Cow and Calf and lots of juvenile fish could be seen sheltering under the overhangs and rocks.

Our dives at Steenbras Deep on Sunday were awesome and we dived both pinnacles. There was very little surge and good visibility – providing excellent photographic opportunities for both our macro, super macro and wide angle photographers on board. The nudibranchs were out in full force, with many Mandela, frilly, white edged, purple lady, ghost, candy, black gasflame, black nudibranchs, silvertips all over the reef.

Kate took some really special super macro shots of the undescribed “flatworms”; currently thought to be Acoel flatworms, but that is debatable and still being investigated.

As usual, there were lots of laughs and friendly chat on board – and one thing is for sure, you’ll really meet some great friends and dive buddies at Indigo Scuba 😀

Finally, a big congratulations to Kayla and Nadene on completing their Open Water Diver courses this weekend! We look forward to being part of your scuba diving adventures for many years to come!