Weekend Dive Report: Exciting diving and lots to see!

We had some really fantastic dives over the weekend.  We dived Steenbras Deep and Steenbras River Mouth on Saturday morning and on Sunday we dived Steenbras River Mouth.

Saturday morning, False Bay was like a mirror and our trip out to Steenbras Deep was speedy and smooth.  We dived our favourite pinnacle which starts at 17 metres.  What an awesome dive!  Loads and loads of Hottentot, Twotone Fingerfin, Puffadder Shyshark, Zebra, Red Roman; a huge orange and gray Scorpionfish chilling out on top of one of the pinnacles; a beautiful horse fish, loads of new (to us) Nudibranchs, a huge sock anemone, sea fans and enormous crayfish hiding in the crevices.  This is a fascinating dive site, with lots of gullies, crevices, jagged pinnacles and so many exciting and different things to see around every corner.  Depth at Steenbras Deep ranges from 17 to 32 metres but we kept it quite shallow and were able to enjoy an awesome, 40 minute dive.  Visibility was no less than 10 metres and temperature 13 degrees. Kate shot some footage during the dive and will put a video together shortly.

After our dive at Steenbras Deep, we popped over to Steenbras River Mouth and had another great dive.  Visibility was between 8 and 10 metres, with loads to see.  Temperature was 15 degrees.

Sunday saw us diving Steenbras River Mouth again.  The visibility had dropped somewhat to 5 metres, but we still had a stunning dive.  There were huge shoals of strepies and bait fish feeding on sea fans (could they have been spawning?), gasflame nudibranchs everywhere we looked, the most coral nudibranchs we have ever seen in one spot, well-camouflaged octopus hiding in nooks and crannies, puffadder shyshark, beautiful black nudibranchs and the usual colourful sponges, sea fans, feather stars and soft corals.

Thanks to everyone who joined us this weekend – it was great fun and we look forward to some more fantastic diving with you again in the not too-distant future!