Dive Site Spotlight: Blousteen, Gordon’s Bay

Average Depth: 10 m

Maximum Depth: 18 m

Entry Type: Boat Dive

Site description: Blousteen is quite far from Harbour Island in Gordon’s Bay and takes 20 minutes to reach.  It is a really nice, sheltered dive site and as it is relatively shallow, dives are nice and long. It is close to the shore and offers both great kelp diving and opportunities to explore the large, round boulders along the coastline.  Best dived in summer.

What to look out for:  Juvenile fish hiding amongst the kelp, lots of rock suckers, octopus, shyshark and pyjama sharks. Larger fish include red roman, kolstert, janbruin and twotone fingerfin. Interesting nudibranchs that are often found here include blue speckled dorid, scribbled nudibranchs, irridescent and candy nudibranchs. There are often many dwarf sea hare at this dive site. We are also often visited by seals at this dive site.

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