Dive Site Spotlight: Cow and Calf, Gordon’s Bay

Where:  Gordon’s Bay

Average Depth: 8 m

Maximum Depth: 16 m

Entry Type: Boat Dive

Site Description:
When viewed from the coastal road above, especially at low tide, the two large pinnacles that form the main section of this reef resemble a mother whale (cow) and its calf – giving the site its name “Cow and Calf”.  Best dived in summer after the South Easterly wind has cleared up the water.


Two large pinnacles close together form the main part of this dive site. The pinnacle is surrounded with slightly smaller pinnacles, large boulders, gravelly sand and black mussel beds.


What to see:
The pinnacles are covered in marine life and huge sea fans of all shapes and sizes; soft corals in pinks, maroon and green; lots of different types of sea anemones and sponges.

It’s a great area to spot nudibranchs, sea spiders, cuttlefish, shysharks, rock suckers, octopus and smaller red roman, twotone fingerfin, red fingers, kolstert and hottentot. Our favourite nudibranch sightings include orange and white and blue and yellow gasflames, giraffe spot, chocolate chip, inkspot, soft coral, ghost, Indian, coral and iridescent nudibranchs and cape, red spotted and orange dorids (look carefully for these on the orange sponges). We are often visited by inquisitive seals at this site.