Dive Site Spotlight: Steenbras River Mouth

Steenbras River Mouth is a stunning dive site a quick boat ride from Harbour Island in Gordon’s Bay.

This is a long reef system with gullies and ridges running parallel to the coastline, just past Steenbras River Mouth.  Quite a shallow dive of between 7 and 17 metres, dives here are leisurely, reasonably long and relaxing.

There are lots of nooks and crannies to be explored with reefs covered with lacy false coral, colourful sponges, feather stars, sea anemones, gullies lined with sea fans, wall sponges and multi-coloured soft corals.  Incredibly rich in plant and fish marine life, there is just so much to see here.

Fish life includes Red Roman, Janbruin, Twotone Fingerfin, many types of Klipvis, Cape Triplefin, shoals of strepies, pyjama and puffadder shy sharks, octopus and cuttlefish.  Short tailed stingrays have also been seen and we are also usually visited by seals whilst diving here.

For nudibranch enthusiasts, there is a wide variety of nudis at Steenbras River mouth – blue and orange gasflames, medallion silvertip nudibranch, black nudibranchs, fiery nudibranchs, spotted nudibranchs, coral nudibranchs, orange dorids, inkspot nudibranchs and cape dorids… and lots of them!

This reef is so large, one can do numerous dives here without seeing the same spot twice.



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