Dive Site Spotlight: Stone Dog

Where:  Gordon’s Bay

Average Depth: 8 m

Maximum Depth: 16 m

Entry Type: Boat Dive

Site Description:
This site gets its name from the very big rock on the cliffs that looks like a dog when seen from a particular angle.  Situated between Pinnacle and Cow and Calf, this site is typical of the dives along the Gordon’s Bay cliffs.


Lots of large pinnacles that are covered with colourful sea fans, soft corals, sponges, feather stars, sea urchins and anemones.  Making your way from pinnacle to pinnacle, you will pass over large round boulders and rocks that hide a multitude of marine life.  As you head out away from the cliffs, the rocks and boulders give way to sand which is punctuated by pinnacles.

Steenbras Deep Cow and Calf 061_2

What to see:
A great site with lots of macro life from sea spiders, nudibranchs, rock suckers, shyshark, Cape triplefin and blennies, octopus and cuttlefish. Many sea fans such as sinuous and flagellar are home to basket stars and hotlips spider crabs.  Look carefully on the boulders that are covered with pink sponges and you might find the elusive Protea Dorid.  Other nudibranchs include giraffe spot (look on the orange wall sponges for these tiny nudibranchs!); saddled, gasflame, iridescent, crowned, whit edged, coral, soft coral, nobbly nudibranchs as well as orange, red spotted and variable dorids. This is a fantastic site with so much to see.

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