Dive Site Spotlight: Sterretjies Reef, Gordon’s Bay

Dive Site Name: Sterretjies Reef (because of all the basket stars there)
Depth:  15m – 30m

We’ve been diving in the Gordon’s Bay area since 1999 and during that time dived the well-known reefs countless of times…

Steenbras Deep Pinnacle 1, Steenbras Deep Pinnacle 2, Steenbras River Mouth, Blousteen, Pinnacle, Cow and Calf, Rocky Bay, Drop Zone, Stone Dog, Noble Reef and Rooi Els to name just a few…

About this time last year, we decided to go and explore a new reef we’d seen on our fish finder and set out with our diving buddies, prepared for the unexpected.

On the fish finder, we could see that the shallowest point was 15m and set out a drop line there for everyone to go down.

It was so exciting to descend down the line and get to the bottom and know that it was likely that nobody had ever dived there before…

Not knowing what we would find, it was a wonderful to see how vibrant and full of life the reef was. There were fish everywhere, masses and masses of sea fans and sponges.

Lovely pinnacles were covered with vibrant soft corals, sponges, multi-coloured sea fans and strawberry anemones. White sea catfish hung out in the cracks and crevices. We found hoardes of nudibranchs – from orange, blue and salmon gasflames, to frilly nudibranchs, orange-eyed nudibranchs, crowned nudibranchs, white edged nudis, soft coral and candy nudibranchs, teeny tiny baby walking anemones, spider crabs, blennies galore, sea spiders, masses of shysharks and octopus. Nearly every sea fan had at least one baby basket star on it! We had found an incredible site!

The dive came to an end far too quickly and we all laughed in amazement as we reached the surface – it was a great adventure to dive a new reef and really exciting to see how lush and vibrant that bit of unexplored paradise was!

Come and explore Sterretjies with us – you won’t be disappointed!