Divers Rate 2014 Cape Town Dive Festival a Huge Success

The second Cape Town Dive Festival, held at Seaforth Beach in Simon’s Town this past weekend saw divers from Cape Town and beyond exploring beautiful reefs in fantastic conditions both above and below the water.

The aim of the two-day festival was to showcase Simon’s Town diving and with 10 dive operators (including Indigo Scuba) each offering four dives a day, divers were spoilt for choice.  Many of the dive sites were at seldom-dived reefs, giving divers the opportunity to visit unspoilt reefs they might not have previously dived.

The dive sites we visited were SAS Good Hope, Ark Rock, Friskies Pinnacle and Partridge Point and with a huge amount of support from many of our regular divers, our boat was fully booked for every launch.

There were a number of competitions running during the festival, including a photographic competition; a sea slug shootout and “Mr and Mrs Fishbreath” competition for the male and female divers who spent the most time underwater during the festival.  Two winners of the Photographic Competition were regular Indigo divers John Vowles and Olivia Anderson who were well placed in the novice and intermediary categories. Well done!  We are so proud of you! Olivia also won the title of Mrs Fishbreath, being the female diver with the most minutes underwater (which comes as no surprise! :D).

At the end of the day, all the divers we spoke to felt that the 2014 Cape Town Dive Festival had been a huge success and that they looked forward to the next CTDF in 2016!

The festival would not have been the success it was without everyone’s participation and co-operation – from the organisers, the operators, the skippers, the DMs, the boat marshalls, the sponsors, the medics and the divers.  A lot of hard work went on behind the scenes and we’d like to thank everyone involved.  Here’s to CTDF2016!

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