Diving Report – Summer 2010

Summer diving in Cape Town waters this year has been extremely disappointing. What promised to be a great season just didn’t happen.
We started off with some absolutely fantastic dives in Rooi Els from early to mid-December and although the South Easterly wind that usually brings clear water to the Western side of the Cape Peninsula and the Eastern side of False Bay blew for days on end, these more often than not coincided with huge swells (sometimes as high as 5m) coming in from the South and churning up the water. So, any good that the South Easter could have done was cancelled out by the big swells.

There was the odd day of exceptional diving when we had flat seas and visibility of up to 12 metres, but these did not occur as often as we are used to during summer. We even dived in Simon’s Town (usually a winter diving spot!) in February. However, despite the somewhat poor visibility of around 5 – 8 metres on some dives, we had lots of fun, met loads of new divers and had some memorable moments.

Kate has made a few videos of some of our dives and you can watch all of them on YouTube. They’ll give you an idea of what to expect whilst diving in Cape Town waters and who knows – you could be starring in one of our videos in the not too-distant future!

April is “change over” month when the South Easterly winds are replaced with North Westerlies. The diving moves to the Western side (Simon’s Town) of False Bay and we have the opportunity to dive the exciting wrecks of Smitswinkel Bay, explore dive sites such as Batsata Maze, Outer Castle, Partridge Point by boat and experience the beautiful shore entry dives of Simon’s Town, including our favourites A-Frame, Castle Rock and Quarry.

For those of you who have been following us out of interest but not yet learnt to scuba dive – we are running full time and part time Scuba Diver courses – starting every Monday. We also offer refresher courses for those of you who have not taken the plunge in a while and all the other NAUI courses from Advanced to Instructor. Our smaller groups mean that you will receive our undivided attention and care at all times.

So, if you haven’t come diving with us yet – or have not yet done a scuba course, contact us today and Dive into Adventure with Indigo Scuba!


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