We know how awesome scuba diving is and would love to show you exactly how fun and easy it is!

There is a whole new world waiting to be explored!  Just as different countries have different animals, birds, plants and trees – so do the oceans.  From whales, dolphins, brightly coloured reef fish, playful seals and beautiful little sea slugs called nudibranchs – to wrecks that have incredible stories and coral reefs and glittering kelp forests that are home to the most amazing creatures you will ever see… there is so much waiting for you!

If you’re not convinced that you would feel comfortable breathing underwater, why not sign up for a Try Scuba session with us?  We will take you through some of the important basics that you need to know before you put your head under the water and blow bubbles; we’ll kit you out in just the right size gear so that you are comfy in the water and then we’ll take you into our lovely heated, indoor pool and show you how to breathe underwater.

We know you’re going to love it!

Once you’ve spent some time swimming up and down the pool and you’re comfortable breathing underwater and you’ve made the decision that scuba diving is for you,  we will be here to take you through all your scuba diving courses – from teaching you to be comfortable and confident in the water, all the way up to being a diving instructor if the passion takes you there!

Contact us today and book your Try Scuba course – and bring some friends, it really is a lot of fun!