Do you get itchy ears after diving? Here’s the solution!


Swim Seal is the solution to itchy ears!

Swim Seal is a great solution for itchy ears!

I suffer from itchy ears after diving and it’s really frustrating.  My doctor told me I should never put anything except my elbow inside my ear (!!) but I always seem to  land up scratching at that itch!

Not a good idea! Scratching inside your ear could lead to removal of the protective ear wax inside your ears and sharp nails or other objects like paperclips (yes, I’ve seen this!) can cause open scratches.  This can lead to ear infections and missed dives (it happened to me on my first trip to the Red Sea and I swore I would find a solution!). And NO, I was not the person who used the paperclip!

And then I discovered Swim Seal.  A few drops in each ear before a dive works wonders.  No more itchy ears – and no more missed dives!

Interestingly enough, not everyone suffers from itchy ears – we know many dive masters and instructors who do 3 plus dives every day and never suffer from itchy ears…

Why do we suffer from itchy ears?
Our ears secrete a protective layer of wax to line the ear canal. Contact and exposure to water causes this layer to be worn and depleted. Without the natural wax layer, water enters the ear canal, causing irritation to the sensitive skin surrounding it.  This can lead to inflammation, sensitivity and other water-related problems.

Why does Swim Seal work?
It contains antiseptic tea tree oil that coats the internal ear canal, providing some of the protective functions of natural ear wax.  Swim Seal does not build up in the ear and does not contain alcohol which can irritate open scratches inside the ear.  I’ve found that if I’ve forgotten to put my Swim Seal in before a dive and my ears start itching, a few drops of Swim Seal after a dive stops the itching – it’s the amazing antiseptic and soothing properties of tea tree oil.

Where can we get Swim Seal? It’s available at most chemists and the price won’t break the bank.  Get yours today – prevention is far better than waiting for the cure to work!!