Renting Scuba Gear and Diving Equipment

If you need to rent scuba diving gear or equipment, we have everything you will need when diving with us. All our rental scuba diving equipment is well maintained and washed and sanitized thoroughly between use.

Please note that divers are required to have proof of identification and a diving permit when diving in marine protected areas and you can buy these from your nearest post office. If you are unable to get one before diving with us, Temporary Permits are also available from Indigo Scuba.

As we like to make sure our gear is always in perfect condition, we only rent out gear if you are diving with us.

Please contact us for more details and to book your gear for your next dive with us/

Scuba Equipment, Cylinder Rental and Cylinder Fill Prices

#DescriptionDaily Rate
2Regulator with Gauges and OctoR120
3Mask and Snorkel / Booties / Fins / Weight BeltR60 per item
4Wetsuit (including hoodie) – Sizes S – XL R120 per item
5Cylinder (10L and 12L)R140 per cylinder
6Cylinder (15L)R160 per cylinder
7Full Gear Rental (including first cylinder)R590
8Full Soft Gear RentalR300
9Full Hard Gear RentalR330
10Cylinder Fills – 10 and 12 LitresR70 per fill
11Cylinder Fills – 15 LitresR90 per fill
12Cylinder Fills – 18 LitresR100 per fill

We have everything you want and need to make your diving experience safe & comfortable!

All our rental gear is well-maintained, in perfect working order and washed and sanitized thoroughly before and after every diver has used it.