We love our Open Water Students, they keep us entertained and on our toes.  Watching the apprehensive students become fish and the comfortable students flourish is what makes our days so worthwhile.

Also very entertaining are the questions we sometimes get asked, and the little things our students do and say…  here are some of the best!

  1. When they sign up for their Open Water Course, they say “Can I be certified by tonight, I’m leaving for the Seychelles tomorrow”.  Uhm, no….
  2. When they start the course, they talk about their oxygen tank, and believe that their cylinder holds 100% oxygen at all times.  We soon put them right…
  3. Expect the DM or Instructor to kit up for them, carry their gear and wash their gear for them after the dive (we soon put them right on that one too!).
  4. Say “we didn’t cover that in class!” when they did, AND it was a question in the exam (which they got right).
  5. Say “Have you ever taught anyone as stupid as me before?”
  6. Loudly proclaim that safety stops are for “woosies”.20111219_IMG_5001
  7. Say: “What do you call that stuff you put on your mask to stop it from fogging up?”
  8. When, on their first dive, they see a whale and are totally unimpressed (we never see whales on scuba!).
  9. Ask you if this is all you do for a living.
  10. They ask, before going into the water: “Can I hold your hand during the dive?”
  11. When asked for their dive plan, they hand you a bundle of travel brochures.
  12. Show up with a set of tables based on their own algorithm, saying “this is WAY better”.20111213_IMG_4570
  13. Ask you which fin goes on which foot.
  14. Tell you there is no way they can lift a cylinder with 2000 pounds of air in it.
  15. When they contact you for Open Water Course prices, they ask “My friend took me diving once. Can I get a discount?”

Divers…. How many of the above did you say to your instructor?

And non-divers, now that you know what not to ask ( 😀 ), why not sign up for one of our Open Water Diver Courses?  Click Here to find out more and to sign up today.  Learning to dive at Indigo Scuba is a lot of fun 😀