Gordon’s Bay Dive Site Spotlight: Rocky Bay

Where:  Gordon’s Bay

Average Depth: 12 m

Maximum Depth: 18 m

Entry Type: Boat Dive

Site description: This site gets its name from the small coastal resort on the cliffs above this site. It is quite a long reef, running parallel to the shore. Best dived when the sea is flat as swells hitting the cliffs can make this site rather surgey.

Topography is interesting with gullies and steep pinnacles closer to shore, shallowing out to round boulders and sand further out.

What to look out for: The “usual” fish in this area, including klipfish, rock suckers, shyshark, red roman, kolstert, doublesash butterfly fish. Seals often pop in on the divers. This is a very colourful dive site with beautiful sea fans, colourful soft corals and sponges. Nudibranchs are plentiful here with a huge variety, including gasflame (blue, orange and salmon), candy nudibranchs, saddled, orange dorid, purple ladies, inkspot, coral, iridescent, fiery and black nudibranchs as well as flying flatworms 😀