I started diving only a few months ago and I’m already hooked!

Long Beach

I must admit, at first I was very afraid to try this whole diving thing. Naturally, you think of the first thing all normal human beings think of: “but what about the sharks?!” Honestly – I’m one of those extremely naive people who are terribly afraid of sharks – even the mention of the word and the theme tune to Jaws starts playing in the back of my mind.

Luckily I didn’t have too much time to dwell over the possibility of becoming shark bait since I was encouraged by close friends of mine to start diving and did my first diving course shortly after that.

I was quite nervous to do the theoretical as well as the practical part of the course. I thought the work would be incredibly hard and that I’d be stressed out the entire time, being in a new environment and doing something I know absolutely nothing about.

But the nice instructor at Indigo Scuba made me feel right at home and I felt comfortable to ask if there was something I didn’t understand. He explained everything in a way that I could understand and made the workload a lot less intimidating. I was actually excited when my test was over and I could start my swimming pool session.

Most of the things you have to do in the pool were actually quite easy. In the beginning I struggled a bit with taking my mask off and my octo out while under water. The feeling of being under water and being able to breathe is absolutely amazing but when you have to take your octo out and your mask off it can freak a person out a little bit.

Katia DuikKursus (11)

I started thinking “I just got used to using my octo and now I’ve got to completely remove it?  And be blind while doing it!” I just had to give it a little time to get used to and my instructor reminded me to stay calm throughout the course.  Luckily he was very patient with me and I made it through.

Katia DuikKursus (13)

The first time I actually went into the ocean with my gear on and everything, was a whole different feeling compared to anything else I have ever experienced in my entire life.


It’s like you notice everything for the first time, schools of fish swimming all around, jelly fish – which I dodged like bullets – the vibrant plant life on the ocean floor, octopus in desolate pieces of wreck and even little sea creatures called Nudibranch, that you at first don’t spot at all but later get captivated by them in all their shapes and colours.

And yes…even a shark… I didn’t even see it at first, my dive buddy had to point it out for me.  It was right under my fins! Naturally I freaked out a little but then the poor thing got spooked and hurried away. I never realised before but they are actually very shy creatures and not all that huge Hollywood image of the great white with the enormous jaw and sharp
teeth. Some of them are actually no bigger than I am.IMG_2842

Diving was one of the most magnificent experiences ever, you literally get introduced to a whole new world. Each time the DM (dive master) points down with his thumb the door of adventure and discovery opens up in front of you.

Since I’ve started diving with Indigo Scuba I’ve broadened my horizons and learned so much about the ocean and the creatures that live in it. You learn to respect nature more, since you appreciate the beauty and joy that it brings. You make new friends and build communication skills that go beyond just hearing what the person has to say but understanding the person even if they can’t speak to you directly. Above all else it’s relaxing to escape to another world once in a while to remind you not to get too absorbed in your own little bubble -rather go down and exhale a few of your own!


I honestly missed going out to dive during the winter time when the weather doesn’t always want to cooperate… but now it’s summer and I look forward to doing a lot more diving!

And about the sharks…they’re actually not all that bad!!


Katia DuitKursus Simonstad (28)