Over the years, one develops a sixth-sense that tells you when someone is a scuba diver.  It’s great for making conversation at a non-diving get together – scuba divers always have something to talk to each other about, whether it’s their latest dive, their newest piece of equipment or their next diving holiday.

If you haven’t  developed that sixth sense yet, there are always the obvious signs such as the scuba related T-shirt or cap or a dive watch that is used as an everyday watch. There are also signs that are usually only obvious to divers – a sort of code…


You can also spot the “newbie” and the “old time” divers quite easily 😀

 How to spot newbie divers:

  1. Usually sunburned
  2. Nice wristwatch
  3. Nice, clean car
  4. They love telling everyone they are scuba divers
  5. They post loads of photos of themselves scuba diving on Facebook
  6. They LIKE all the scuba-related pages on Facebook
  7. They visit all the dive centres in the area just to have a look
  8. They keep the plastic inserts from the shop in their fins when they’re not using them
  9. They fill in all the blanks in their logbooknew
  10. No diving related scars
  11. They say “Wow, did you see that” a lot
  12. They sometimes hold onto their inflator hoses whilst diving
  13. Equipment looks nice, it all matches and is bright and shiny
  14. Perfect hearing
  15. They insist on checking all their buddy’s gear before a dive
  16. They need help putting their weight pockets in their BCD

But just remember – old time divers were newbie divers once upon a time 😀  We love newbie divers, their enthusiasm is exciting, contageous and they constantly remind us of why we started diving in the first place. Then you get the old time divers….

How to spot an old time diver:

  1. Funny Tan Lines
  2. Big Expensive Dive Watch
  3. Old Jeep with bad shocks
  4. Log Book has volume number on cover
  5. Deaf in at least one ear
  6. They have multiple scars from diving
  7. Mask strap or other piece of gear is fixed with cable ties
  8. They have cylinders older than you are
  9. They talk about when they first started diving, and when they used old gas bottles as cylindersold time divers
  10. They talk about making their first wet suit (or they still have a Rhino Hide wetsuit…)
  11. Dive gear is faded (unless, of course, they’re a newbie who bought from an old time diver on Gumtree)
  12. Dive T-Shirts are faded, have holes in them or the dive festival they got the shirt from dates back to the 70s
  13. Put their BCD on over their heads on the boat
  14. Sometimes are so chilled they forget to put their fins on before rolling back off the boat
  15. They are so chilled, think they are fish and forget to put their regulator in their mouths before descending
  16. Don’t really worry about buddies and tend to do their own thing
  17. Swim off in their own world and get back on the wrong boat after the dive
  18. Not always interested in listening to dive briefings – they’ve done it all before…
  19. Old time divers who have spent many years either DMing or Instructing in warm oceans usually have callouses on their toes and heels from wearing closed heeled fins day in and day out.

We love old time divers too – usually such characters, they have amazing stories to tell of their diving escapades and keep newbie divers enthralled and encouraged to keep on diving!

What type of diver are you?