Selfies are all the rage at the moment and there are even two songs about selfies being played on the radio right now…

If you’ve had your head in the sand (or underwater!) for a while, a selfie might not be what you think it is…

According to Wikipedia, a Selfie is “a type of self-portrait photo, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera… selfies are often associated with social networking…”

If you’re an avid underwater photographer (like me), chances are that you have loads of photos of other divers and none of yourself.  The ultimate solution is, of course, the selfie 😀

I’ve tried to take selfies in the past and not been very successful.  Here are a few just to make you laugh (remember, these are very rare photos as I hate having my photo taken, so I am being really brave posting these): Selfie



Uhm duh..

 So, now you’ve had a good laugh…

… after failing dismally, I’ve now done my research and here are our top tips for taking underwater selfies like a pro:

  1. Get to know your camera well – the key to a good selfie is knowing which buttons to press on your camera without looking at them!
  2. Try to keep your hair under control, especially long fringes, or you’ll land up looking like a clown 😀
  3.  Remember to keep breathing!  Time the shot just as you breathe in so that you don’t look like you’re holding your breath (which you should not do when scuba diving – ever).
  4. Smile!  Even if you don’t take your regulator out of your mouth, your eyes will show that you are smiling!
  5. If you do take your regulator out of your mouth, remember to blow small bubbles at all times.  And try to smile naturally and don’t grimace.
  6. Try to add some marine life in the shot too – perhaps a wreck, a beautiful reef, a whale shark, some pretty fish, seals darting around behind you.  Just remember to keep good buoyancy and make sure your fins don’t hit anything.
  7. If you hold the camera with both hands at arm’s length, your arms will feature prominently in the picture and you will be slap bang in the centre of the shot (pretty boring,unless you can get a seal in the shot like Alex Mustard’s photo below).
  8. Hold the camera with your left hand, and aim so that you are neatly on the right hand side of the screen with your head near one of the third points.
  9. It’s best to hold the camera with your left hand so that you can press the shutter button easily with your thumb or left index finger.
  10. If you can set the focus, set it to the right, where you will appear on the screen, or set all focal points.
  11. If you use a dome port, use your reflection to assist with the composition.
  12. Tuck your right arm in so that it does not dangle in the middle of the picture (or make a peace sign or an OK sign if you must do something with your right hand).  If you remove your regulator for the shot, you can use your right hand to keep it out of the shot.
  13. Pose and press that button 😀 … that’s all there is to it 😀

Here is the best ever selfie, taken by Alex Mustard with seal friend who dive bombed the photo 😀  For more of Alex Mustard’s fantastic work, please visit:

Alex Mustard photobomb


Source:  wikipedia