Addicted to Scuba Diving

You know you’re addicted to Scuba Diving when….

  1. You’re able to talk about your last dive for much longer than the dive itself lasted.
  2. You get totally depressed when a dive is cancelled due to bad weather and spend the rest of the day moping around.
  3. The smell of neoprene gets you all excited!
  4. You find yourself on the internet constantly looking up dive gear, dive trips, you sign up for every online newsletter and SCUBA blog.
  5. You see a perfectly good ship and think that would make a nice wreck to dive in.
  6. You can name almost any critter you see on a dive (and scuba nerds know all their Latin names too!).
  7. You clear your ears before going down in an elevator.
  8. You have more certification cards than credit cards in your wallet.
  9. You spend most of your time picking apart how unrealistic the latest Hollywood diving flick is, rather than enjoying the movie.
  10. You answer “Suunto” when asked what kind of computer you use.
  11. When you think your neighbours’ holiday to the Maldives was a waste of money because they didn’t do any scuba diving.
  12. When, on the day you get back from your diving holiday, you start researching your next diving holiday destination.
  13. You’re the only one out of your office buddies that doesn’t snicker when the word “off-gassing” is mentioned.
  14. You’re the only one who isn’t blushing when you ask your friends, “Want to see some nudi pictures?”
  15. The only suit in your closet besides your wedding suit…is your wetsuit!  And you need serious help… if your wedding suit IS your wetsuit.