It’s Orca Time in False Bay again!

It’s that time of year again, when Orcas (Killer Whales) can be seen hunting in False Bay.

The orcas’ distribution is worldwide and they live and hunt in pods, which are either resident or transient (move from area to area).

Orcas are specialised hunters, feeding on prey specific to their area. This includes marine mammals, fish, birds, turtles, whales and they have even been known to kill great white sharks, earning them the title of the ocean’s apex predator.

Orca sightings in False Bay are very rare and many people are unaware of the existence of orcas in these waters, although over the past few years, sightings have increased.

False Bay is home to a number of the orcas’ natural prey, including Cape Fur Seals. However, it is not the seals that attract them to False Bay, it is the common dolphins which come into the bay to feed on the bait fish that have been very plentiful over the past number of years.  We’ve seen a lot of dolphins over the past couple of weeks… and the orcas are here now, too!

The orcas usually hang around for a few weeks, so you might still get lucky and see them!  They can often be spotted from shore and the coastal road between Gordon’s Bay and Rooi Els is a great place to view the excitement.


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