My Life – The Story of A Great White Shark

Today we have a guest post from Sebastian, the 13 year old son of one of our instructors, Nick.  Sebastian is passionate about scuba diving and the underwater world. His story is a great example of how, through the education of our children, we can help preserve our oceans and the many endangered species that live in it.

Thank you Sebastian! 😀

My Life

I remember the day I hatched out of my egg and entered a huge amazing sea known as the Pacific Ocean. I was so keen to find out what was waiting for me in the great ocean.  After about a day or so, I started seeing all the bad, big fishes trying to hunt me down and kill me. Little did I know that later on in my life I would encounter much worse predators.

For the first 3 months of my life I stayed close to the reef so I could hide from all the fish or other big sharks that came by looking for food. There was a time while I was swimming around on the reef eating small fish when suddenly a bull shark started chasing me, and just as I thought I was going to die, I entered a cave in the reef too small for the bull shark. The first three months of my life were the hardest because I was just hiding all the time and couldn’t defend myself. I thought I would have to live like this for the rest of my life.

As I got older, bigger and less fragile I was able to protect myself against the other sharks and even eat the fishes that tried eating me when I was smaller. I could go out exploring more and more now because I was able protect myself or if necessary swim faster to get away from bigger creatures. Since I could go out exploring I saw a lot of new things, some good but some very bad and gruesome.

A few years passed and I thought that I would stop growing, but I just continued growing and I became bigger than all the other sharks that I met. I was wondering if I fit in with any other species of shark because I was so big. It started getting really lonely. All the other sharks were so scared of me.

One day I was swimming out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean looking for food, when suddenly I saw a big shadow in front of me. Was it a like shark as me? I sped to the shadow as fast as I could.

It was the same shark as me! He was bigger than me and looked a lot older than me. We swam side by side and he warned me about the horrible brutal killers called humans, which killed 100 million sharks every year. He also told me that there is a special place for great whites like us, where we can live peacefully. I was in so much shock I didn’t even know what to say. I was so happy to have finally found a friend.

We were swimming in the open ocean with only sea around us when we saw something big floating on the surface. I went up with my friend behind me to check out what it was. When we were about 10 meters away from the boat my friend shouted get away from it, but it was too late! The net caught me. I struggled and flopped around as much as I could, biting at the net, but it was no use. I was going to die! I was hauled up onto the boat and I saw the creatures my friend had told me about. The humans! Just as a man took out a big axe, I saw my friend soar out of the water and onto the boat like a rocket taking off. He knocked me off and into the ocean with his big tail.

I sat there in the water waiting for my friend to come in the sea again, but when he came back into the water I couldn’t even recognize him, he had no fins and was bleeding to death. All I could do was sit there and watch him die sinking into the abyss. I felt as if my heart sunk into the abyss with him. I was filled with sadness and hatred. I wanted to go up on the ship and kill them all, but if I did I would also die. I kept swimming and all I could think about was killing all those humans. I didn’t care if I died doing it just as long as they got to pay for what they did to my friend.

I went to the great place my friend had told me about with all the other sharks living peacefully. I was warmly welcomed by all the sharks but they were in shock when I told them about how my friend had died.

I told them “We need to stay here where it is safe and far away from the humans.”

A scrawny old shark mumbled  “what about all the other sharks up there. We can’t just let them die. We have to help them”

The whole crowd buzzed and murmured. Ideas were jumping around in my head. I was trying to think of the best way to help the other sharks. Then the perfect idea just came to me. What if we went up and warned the other sharks about the humans. I volunteered. A lot of other sharks wanted to help too. We were 20 or more sharks that had volunteered. We decided to split up in the whole ocean warning sharks.

Here I am today, roaming the ocean, warning the other sharks about the humans. My life finally has a purpose. Still today I remember the sadness in my heart the day he gave his life to save mine and I will always remember him for his bravery and kindness.

This story is a great example of how children, given the right message can be protectors of our oceans and ambassadors for marine creatures under threat. Well done Sebastian 😀

Sebastian 3

Sebastian 2