Our new-look website is up and running!

You’re going to love the look of our new website!  Our website address is still the same: www.indigoscuba.com, why not pop in today?

Even though it’s finally up and running, we will continue to add more content over the next few weeks.

Some of our new additions (so far)….

Blog: Our blog is now part of our website. I’m embarrassed that nothing has been written for such a long time but from now on, I promise, there will be regular posts for you to read. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog using the RSS feed at the top of the page on our website.

Gallery: We have a “hall of fame”  featuring photos of our diving friends and diving videos that have been made on some of our dives. We hope you enjoy them!  Come back regularly to check out our newest videos and photos!

Easy to complete contact form: There’s a contact form in the left hand column on every page, so no matter where you are on the site, you can quickly send us any queries you might have, or subscribe to our newsletter and dive schedules.

We look forward to keeping you updated and to staying in touch!

Happy reading!