Prices: Gear Rental & Cylinder Fills

Prices: Gear Rental & Cylinder Fills2016-12-22T14:46:08+00:00

Gear Rental Prices:
Please note:  Gear is only rented out to divers when accompanied by Indigo Scuba

Mask and Snorkel / Booties / Fins / Weight Belt –  R50 per item
Wetsuit (including hoodie) – Sizes S – XL – R120 per item
BCD / Regulator – R100 per item
Cylinder – R120 per cylinder
Full Gear Rental (including first cylinder) – R510

Cylinder Fills – 10 and 12 Litres – R60 per fill
Cylinder Fills – 15 Litres – R80 per fill
Cylinder Fills – 18 Litres – R90 per fill
Cylinder Fill Card – 10 x airfills for 10  and 12 Litre cylinders – R500


  • Please note that divers are required to have proof of identification and a diving permit when diving in marine protected areas, obtainable from your nearest post office.
  • Temporary Permits are also available from Indigo Scuba.
  • Please note that if you cancel a booked dive or dives within 24 hours of the launch time, you will be billed for the dive/dives.

*  E&OE prices subject to change without prior notice.