Latest News: Proposed Ban on Diving in Betty’s Bay MPA – Document Revised

We have just received news that the original concept document for the re-zoning of the Betty’s Bay Marine Protected Area, prepared by Anchor Environmental, has been amended and the no-dive proposal has been removed.

We believe this is due to the tremendous support of the South African diving community, many of whom have registered as Interested and Affected Parties and many of whom have sent letters of objection to Anchor Environmental.  We thank everyone for their support.

You can download a copy of the revised document here: Amended MPA Expansion Concept Document Bettys Bay MPA.

As this is a concept document only, anything can still happen, and we will follow this process through until completion, to ensure that the the originally proposed ban on diving is not reintroduced.  We will do everything we can to ensure that divers continue to be allowed to dive in this MPA (and elsewhere).

We will be attending the meeting in Betty’s Bay on Thursday and will keep you updated.