At Indigo Scuba, we’re all about being REAL – and to celebrate this, we chat to real divers, those divers just like you (and us!) find out about them – why they love diving and the amazing and exciting experiences they’ve had.

Today, we chat to Bronwen Espen.

How old were you when you started diving?
29 and stopped; again at 47 and still loving my diving!

What level diver are you?

Why did you learn to scuba dive?
I learned to dive the second time as my teenage son and I kept arguing and I thought that if I joined him in diving we could do something together and that we would not be able to argue underwater … I was both right and wrong.

What is it that makes scuba diving so special to you?
The tranquility, the people that dive but most importantly the animal life underwater and topside too. For me it is my relaxing place that feeds my soul.

Tell us about the most memorable dive you have ever done – where was it and what made it so memorable?
Soo many:
Night fluorescent drift muck diving in Madgascar, just 3 of us, one cannot describe it!
Another is Alphard Banks, pinnacles about 40km out to sea from Struisbaai. Long trip out but seldom dived and absolutely amazing. Huge schools of yellow fin came to investigate us … so surreal!
Another would be a dropoff in Madagascar … massive gorgonian fans on the side of the wall, sharks cruising along the wall. Although a deep dive, so normally little bottom time, one then comes up to the plateau and can spend a decent time underwater.

If you could be a marine animal, what would you be – and why?
…Difficult one! I love cuttlefish, they are mysterious, seem to flirt with you but are in total control; their camouflage is incredible and they hover too.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst scuba diving – tell us about it… what happened (and why)?
Coming up at Steenbras deep, I deployed the SMB which got wrapped around my feel bringing me up to 10m, quickly, upside down. Laughed all the way, so no risk of lung injury and learned an important lesson too.

If you could choose anyone (non-divers included) to be your dive buddy, who would it be and why?
My son ‘cos I love him and we dive well together even if he gets irritated when I use the wrong hand signals … (or maybe I do that deliberately!). And my great dive buddies Anja Docke and Maryna Nezar who always make me laugh and with whom I feel safe. I have some other special buddies too … Lynn, Francois, you know who you are…

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of doing a scuba diving course?
Do it, it will change your life. AND you must dive in the Cape, but buy a decent wetsuit. The Cape has the most beautiful reefs and interesting sea life. I do love the warm waters too, as we all do, but the Cape is the best.

If you could send just one important message to all scuba divers across the world, what would it be?
Do not take chances, do not become complacent and dive to your limit. If you do not feel comfortable on the day, do not dive.

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