Real Divers: Kerri van der Berg

Real Divers features the divers we’ve encountered over the years – people just like you, who have decided to venture into the exciting underwater world of scuba diving.  Here’s a glimpse into why they learned to scuba dive and what makes scuba diving so special to them.

This week’s Real Diver is Kerri van der Berg.  Kerri has become part of the Indigo Scuba family and with her wicked (naughty) sense of humour, there is always a lot of laughter when Kerri’s around.

Kerri scootering in the Red Sea

Kerri scootering in the Red Sea

What level diver are you?
Dive Master in training with various specialities

How old were you when you first qualified as a Scuba Diver?

Why did you learn to scuba dive?
I’ve always loved swimming and have always wanted to “stay under” instead of having to return to the surface.  I wanted to explore marine environments and see all the critters that I have learnt about in lectures or on TV.

What is it that makes scuba diving so special to you?
No one can talk to you, which makes it peaceful and relaxing.  You can relax and explore a wreck, a reef or just watch fish interacting whilst knowing your buddy is (should be!) at your side.  It has something magical that also creates a special bond between divers.

Tell us about the most memorable dive you have ever done – where was it and what made it so memorable?
I am sure it is going to be on the Thistlegorm next week with Indigo Scuba!  But to date I would say the first dive I ever did at Ponta do Ouro, warm water, viz forever and just being amazed at all the fish life.

If you could be a marine animal, what would you be – and why?
I’d be a nudibranch because I would be able to go around naked without getting into trouble.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst scuba diving?
The funniest thing that has happened to me was when a diver (who shall remain anonymous) somehow got her smb tangled and she had to let it go for safety reasons and it went flying out of the water!  Apart from how funny it looked from underwater, I could also just picture the view from the boat of it “breaching” out of the water.  This happened twice in a row and I was convinced that she was trying to drown me by making me laugh so hard underwater. 😀
PS – Kerri might like to change her mind about this answer after her recent Monkey Diving Escapades in the Red Sea 😀

Kerri on the Salem Express in the Red Sea

Kerri on the Salem Express in the Red Sea

If you could choose anyone (non-divers included) to be your dive buddy, who would it be and why?
Eish, this is a tough one and I will probably get into trouble for my answer if I have to pick from my diving friends, so I better choose a non diver!  I’d probably pick my best friend, Deane as it would be so awesome to see his face on his first dives, I know he would love diving.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of doing a scuba diving course?
Do it, pick up the phone now and book your open water course.  You will never look back and your life will change in the best way possible.

If you could send just one important message to all scuba divers across the world, what would it be?
Be conscious of where you and your gear is relative to the reef, don’t damage the reefs that we love diving on.  I’ve seen a few divers, new and experienced, who are kicking our reefs to pieces with the tips of their fins.  Think of the tiny nudibranchs that you are killing unintentionally.

Kerri and her trademark pink fins!

Kerri and her trademark pink fins!