SSI Diving Courses

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Serious diving – Serious fun!

At Indigo Scuba, we don’t want you to just learn to dive; we want you to love to dive. You will love learning the SSI way because with SSI we make every step of your scuba experience fun!

Scuba Schools International, or SSI for short, is one of the best known international certification agencies.  SSI has a very strong belief that diving is as much about academics as it is about the experience level of the diver.  Because of this SSI scuba diving courses have two forms of recognition, firstly further academic training; and secondly a “levels of experience” system.

SSI requires its Instructors to teach exclusively through authorized SSI scuba centres and insists on the constant monitoring of SSI Instructors  for quality performance. This is your guarantee that you will receive a great scuba education with an SSI course.

At Indigo Scuba, you will be able to complete the full range of SSI courses from Open Water to Instructor level.

SSI’s training programs are designed with one goal in mind: for you to have serious fun when you dive!  And the only way to have a great time diving is to become truly comfortable with the skills and the equipment you’ll use.

SSI’s Diver Diamond is the cornerstone of the SSI educational system. It concentrates on the crucial elements of a great scuba education: proper knowledge, proper skills, proper equipment and experience. The SSI Diver Diamond sets the foundation for serious diving and serious fun.

SSI Instructors make learning come alive with personalized instruction that will put your skills to use in reality-based training scenarios. SSI’s unique approach to dive training is known as Comfort through Repetition. By practicing each skill you’ve learned throughout each level of your training, your actions become conditioned responses—second nature!

SSI training ensures you retain what you’ve already learned, while you continue to learn more. As a result, diving becomes fun—not an exercise in memory recall or mental gymnastics.

We offer the following SSI Scuba Diving Courses

You can start learning how to scuba dive TODAY!  DVD’s, books and SSI’s FREE online training will give you the basic information you need to prepare you for your first underwater class.