SSI Specialty Courses – You Choose!

Continue your adventure!

If you believe the journey is just as important as the destination, then SSI’s Continuing Education is for you.

Taking specialties is a great way to hone your skills and learn some new ones.  Continuing Education is exciting and limitless.  It is your chance to begin exploring beyond the surface.  Choose your personal combination of training and diving experience to reach your diving goals today!

With SSI, you only need to take the specialties that are of interest to you.  Select the courses you want and get the in-depth real-world training you need to be confident and comfortable.  So, for example. if you do the SSI Deep Diver specialty, you will be qualified to dive to depths of 40 metres – anywhere in the world!

With SSI, learning is fast, easy and convenient!  SSI Training is designed so that you can learn at your own pace when it suits you.  You define your learning schedule and your instructor will support you and supplement your knowledge.

We offer the following Specialty Courses:

Complete four of the above specialty courses and have a minimum of 24 logged dives and you will qualify as an Advanced Open Water Diver!  No additional courses or fees required.