Scuba Diving is Good for YOU!

Scuba Diving is therapeutic, both physically and mentally. Not only are scuba diving lessons and holidays fun – scuba diving is a great source of stress relief, aerobic activity, and meditation.

Apart from aerobic swimming exercise and increased muscle strength, one of the most important health improvements that will come from scuba diving is increased mental health.

There is an unparalleled peace underwater—in fact you’ll find it hard to think about anything else but the wonders of the underwater world when you’re surrounded by extraordinary marine species, colourful corals, and silvery sands. You’re transported to a whole new world where you’re weightless, gliding through the blue.  It’s an almost “out of body” experience. Diving can serve as a kind of meditation, which has been proven to relieve stress and improve mental health.

Families and relationships can benefit from scuba diving. Lessons for couples are a unique way to spend more stress-free time together. Plan a family vacation where diving together is a focus and feel the bonds between family members grow. Because scuba diving is an activity everyone can enjoy – kids, women, and men, the old and young – it’s a great way to unify a group.

Finally, scuba is SAFE. With the training you’ll receive from Indigo Scuba’s SSI certified instructors, you and your loved ones will be prepared for anything. You’ll be well-informed on all of the elements of safe diving, and have enough practice underwater to be comfortable with proper diving techniques and protocol.

What are you waiting for?  Sign up for Indigo Scuba’s SSI Open Water Diver Course today and become a scuba diver – a whole new world of peace and relaxation awaits you.