Scuba Diving Pinnacle Dive Site: Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town

Location: Gordon’s Bay

Average Depth: 10 m

Minimum Depth: 7 m

Maximum Depth: 16 m

Entry Type: Boat dive

Site description: An extremely colourful dive site with lots to see.  Starting off close to a pinnacle which is usually exposed at low tide, we make our way along the coastline in the direction of Gordon’s Bay.  Topography is rock outrcoppings and boulders, gently sloping down to a sandy sea bed at about 16 metres.

What to look out for:  Pinnacle in Gordon’s Bay is the best place to find nudibranchs.  Nowhere else will you find such a proliferation of nudibranchs – either in quantity or diversity.  They are virtually littered everywhere you look – from red spotted dorid, Cape dorid, brown spotted, silvertip and inkspot on the smaller boulders that cover the sea floor; to gasflames hanging onto sea fans and lacy false coral; coral, black, crowned, variable and firey nudibranchs on the many rock outcrops and ledges; to giraffe-spot and orange dorids on the orange sponges and whip fan nudibranchs on the flagellar sea fans.

A forest of beautiful sea fans, basket stars, orange wall sponges, anemones in colour combinations that you can’t imagine.  Cuttlefish, seals, huge octopus and puffadder shyshark. Twotone fingerfin, red fingers, juveniles, rock suckers, many types of klipvis and Cape triplefin and more.  This dive site is simply stunning.

Pinnacle is a fantastic site to explore and if you search carefully when there is no surge or current, you might even find a cave!

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