South Easter Brings Great Diving!

We had some great diving over the weekend, with the seas being cleared up after a week of south easterly winds. This is when Cape Town scuba diving is at its very best and when all divers should come diving with us in Gordon’s Bay!

On Friday the wind dropped, which gave the sea a chance to settle. Saturday saw mirror-like seas in False Bay, with a great dive at Coral Gardens, Rooi Els.

We were accompanied on the first part of our dive by a young seal, who peered at us playfully as he tried to figure out what on earth he was looking at! We spotted a red steenbras (which is quite a rare sighting these days) as well as many other fish typical for this part of the coast such as dassies, red romans and twotone finger fins. There were a number of “juvenile” gas flame nudibranchs as well as black nudibranchs.

Heading out in a different direction to normal (bit of an exploratory dive!), we also came across some really beautiful areas jam-packed with lacy false corals, pink and orange noble corals, strawberry anemones, toothed feather hydroids, multicoloured sea fans and elegant feather stars. Deeper out we discovered huge orange wall sponges, gorgonian twig corals, sinuous and plamate sea fans.

Swimming over the round boulders on the way back, we came spotted a chubby-looking rock sucker, lying in wait for his next meal… always something new and different to discover on every dive!