The Biggest Problem With Scuba Diving – And How You Can Fix It!

Once you’ve become a qualified diver, it doesn’t take long to discover the biggest problem with scuba diving….

It’s Addictive!!

This really is a problem – the more you do, the more you think about it… and the more you think about it, the more you want to do it.

You’ll be sitting in a meeting at work… or you’ll be having lunch with your parents… or grocery shopping with your wife… or at a children’s party… or at school… and you start thinking to yourself –“I wonder what the conditions are like today?”  OR “What direction is the wind blowing?” OR “ What size swells have they forecast this weekend?”   OR “Which BCD shall I buy myself for Christmas?”

And when you’re not diving, you can get seriously depressed!!


Especially if your buddies are diving and you can’t…  You try to be happy for them when they come back and tell you about the amazing 20 metre visibility (so what if it was only 9C!); or that they spent  30 minutes with a pod of dolphins;  or that they saw a great white (where are the photos?!)….

But it’s difficult to be happy for others when you missed out…

However, in the real world very few of us has the opportunity to dive on a Wednesday, or to forego family responsibilities to join their buddies for a dive, or to skip work or school or university for a morning and go and enjoy the amazing 20 metre visibility everyone has been raving about.

That’s life and you have to learn to deal with it!  (Or give up your job that pays the bills or ditch school and become a beach bum).

Most of us will probably never be able to cure our addiction to scuba diving – which is a good thing!  Imagine not being depressed because you can’t go diving!  Imagine not looking forward to your next dive, or being excited about your new piece of gear!  Imagine not dreaming about seeing a great white… or a manta… or a whale shark!

That’s what happens if you lose the addiction or the lust for diving.  And we hope this never happens to you!

So, for those of you who are addicted…  Just keep on diving as often as you can – live a balanced life and enjoy your dives when you do go.

As long as you stay fit – you will be able to dive for many years to come (in fact the current oldest diver in the world is 93, so you probably have your fair share of diving years left).  And you too will experience the 20 metres visibility, swim with those dolphins – and if you’re really, really, really lucky you might get to see a great white!

But that is another story… because once you’ve experienced all of that, there are lots and lots of other things you’ll want to add to your bucket list…  Yep, Diving is Addictive!