Travelling to Egypt with Batteries – Important Information

Due to extremely high security measures in Egypt, travelling with batteries and lithium batteries has become quite problematic.

It’s vital that you pack them according to security requirements in order to reduce the risk of having your batteries confiscated at the airport.

The requirements seem to change weekly and are currently as follows:

  1. All batteries must be carried in your hand luggage and NOT in your hold (checked in) luggage.
  2. Put the batteries in the item (strobe, torch, camera etc.) that it will be used for as you may be asked to power up the item in question when going through security.
  3. The contacts of your spare batteries must be taped over with electrical tape to prevent the battery shorting against others or metal items in your bag. Otherwise, wrap each battery individually in cling film. Pack them individually in small plastic bags or into a small, clear plastic container.
  4. You will need to do this both ways (to and from Egypt) so take some tape along with you.  It seems like most batteries get confiscated when leaving the country…
  5. Also, you might like to separate your spare batteries into different areas in your bag…

Please note that the above is subject to change at any time and is the advice received on 20 June 2016.