Weekend Dive Report: 2 April 2018: Full of Surprises!

This past long weekend has been full of surprises…

We had red tide on the surface one day, only to have top to bottom visibility the next. And such was the pattern for the weekend… we were at Mother Nature’s beck and call and she certainly kept us on our toes, trying to second guess what she had planned for us.

Friday saw us diving Noble Reef and Rocky Bay. The first five metres was warm and red, but beneath that, the water was crystal clear and a very cold 10C.

Saturday morning greeted us with blue, clear water and top to bottom visibility. The South Easter had blown the red tide away and we enjoyed two icy cold but amazing visibility dives at Stone Dog and Cow and Calf.

On Sunday, despite the South Easterly wind having blown overnight, the red tide had reappeared. We hoped for the water to clear up as we headed further into the bay towards Steenbras Deep and were rather disappointed when we reached the drop to find that the water was looking pretty green and dirty. As is often the case at Steenbras Deep, the water cleared up as we reached the top of the reef and we had an amazing dive with crystal clear water from above the pinnacles and down into the gullies.

We then went out to Drop Zone, expecting clear water at the bottom, only to be met with blue water for the first few metres but not such great visibility on the reef as the red tide had sunk to the bottom (completely the opposite to Steenbras Deep!). We soldiered on, exploring the reef, and came across the unusual sightings that are so common at this amazing dive site.

A really mixed bag of conditions over the weekend, but wonderful sightings, including many playful seals, lots of shysharks, interesting fish – including huge rock suckers, Chinese and Bull klipfish and Leopoard Catfish at Drop Zone and a beautiful Horsefish at Steenbras Deep. It was also good to see so many shyshark eggs at Drop Zone and many, many different types of nudibranchs at all our sites.

We had a lot of fun, great dives with good friends over the weekend. A very big thank you to everyone who joined us – and congratulations to those students who did their deep dives, you all did incredibly well 😀

Here’s to the next dive!