Weekend Dive Report: 7 November 2015

This weekend we dived Noble Reef and Pinnacle dive sites in Gordon’s Bay.

Following the usual weekday conditions of crystal clear, flat, blue water, the NW wind picked up on Friday and visibility dropped.

Our first dive at Noble Reef was in a strong NW wind which brought choppy surface conditions and a bit of a surface current.  At the bottom, visibility was a bit patchy and the cloudy weather meant that it was a bit dark too. 

Our second dive was at Pinnacle.  The wind had dropped and the sea flattened out nicely.  The sun came out and we had a great dive with so much to see.  Visibility was also a lot better here.  The water was a toasty 19C, which brought out the double sash butterfly fish.

We were followed around by lots of small fish, including hottentot, kolstert, twotone fingerfin and red fingers. There are also lots and lots of pipefish along the edge of the reef.

As usual, many different nudibranchs, including Cape Dorid, Whipfan, Red Spotted, Crowned Nudibranchs, Silvertips and gasflames. We also came across a group of hard to spot velvet dorids.

It’s good to be diving in Gordon’s Bay again, where the reefs are thickly covered with colourful marine life and we look forward to lots more fantastic summer diving in our neck of the woods again this year 😀