Weekend Dive Report – Clean and Cold

Following a week of strong South Easterlies, we launched on Saturday morning and sped over to Stone Dog and Cow and Calf where we had two fantastic dives.  The water was clear and pretty cold – some divers even recorded 9C on their dive computers, but we all agreed the average was in the region of 12C.

These are the typical conditions that follow upwelling caused by strong and constant South Easterly winds and the water colour was a beautiful tropical blue and visibility was pretty great.

We had Carel van der Colff on board and his eagle nudi-spotting eyesight picked out some exciting finds, including giraffe spot, Corambe and tiny soft coral nudibranchs.  There were lots of blennies and rock suckers chilling (literally!) on the rocks.

On Sunday, the wind died down and we went out Rooi Els way to explore a new reef.  Visibility was not as great as it had been in Gordon’s Bay and the water was in the region of 17C, but we had a fantastic time checking out the kelp foests and huge walls covered in marine life and exploring the overhangs and caves.  The cow sharks did not make an appearance, but we certainly spotted some interesting critters, including Cape long legged spider crabs, lots of Cape Triplefins, rock suckers and some lovely inquisitive octopus.  Richard Darke spotted some orange lined nudibranchs as well as Goniodoris castenea, which is quite a rare sighting here.

We then headed over to the Stone Dog / Cow and Calf area where the water was still clear and cold. Here we found the usual suspects, including rock suckers, puffadder shysharks, blennies, klipfish, red spotted and orange dorids, gasflame and silvertip nudibranchs, whipfan and coral nudibranchs.

All in all, another great weekend of diving!  Come and join us on our next launches!!