Weekend Dive Report: Great diving along the Gordon’s Bay Coastline!

After some pretty terrible conditions over the past month; ranging from big swells, zero visibility and red tide, we were fortunate to have some really fantastic dives this weekend.

Friday saw us doing two deep dives as part of another Deep Diving Specialty course – one off Steenbras River Mouth where we had fantastic visibility; beautiful marine life including shyshark, huge Red Roman, some very strange anemones (like the ones you find clown fish in!) and lamp urchins; followed by another just off Rocky Bay where we again had very good visibility and lots of beautiful reef to explore. On the way back, we stopped off at Pinnacle where the water was a beautiful blue and crystal clear from top to bottom. Lovely!! This looked good for the next day’s dives!


Unfortunately on Friday evening, the westerly / north westerly wind came up (totally unpredicted) and blew the red tide back towards our coastline, so the water was dark rusty red once again.  We headed out to Steenbras Deep where we had a really fantastic dive – 8m+ visibility water, of 20C at 25 metres.  Really beautiful as usual.  We had inquisitive Koesters, White Sea Catfish and Janbruin hiding in crevices,  lots and lots of different nudibranchs, loads of hottentot and kolstert on the pinnacles and a big seal who kept swooping in to check us out.


On Sunday morning, the water was still pretty brown when we left Harbour Island and we decided to dive a new reef Deon had discovered on a training dive.  Although close to shore, it’s a bit deeper (17 – 26m) and we expected the water to be clearer at the bottom – which it was.  The dive was so fantastic, we did our second dive here too.  Loads of Noble Coral, Sea Fans, lacy coral, lots and lots of fish (doublesash butterfly fish, huge red roman, shyshark, white sea catfish, koesters, twotone fingerfin, butterfish, lots of klipfish and redfingers).  Kate spotted a sea spider and there were lots and lots of gasflame, red-spotted dorid, white lined nudibranchs and purple ladies on the top of the pinnacles.  What a fantastic reef!  Because there was so much noble coral on the reef, we have christened it Noble Reef.  We hope you’ll come and dive it with us soon!



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