The answer, in short, is “nothing”.

We recommend that you do not purchase any scuba diving equipment before you sign up for your courses at Indigo Scuba as one of the first things we will teach you is how to choose the right gear that will give you many years of happy, comfortable dives.


Whilst we’re discussing equipment during the course, we will show you the different types of gear available and help you decide what will work best for you.  At Indigo Scuba, we have a shop with a fantastic selection of gear for you to try on before you buy, so that you purchase the right equipment from the start.  Our prices are very competitive and we often have specials in store.


The most important pieces of scuba diving gear that you should buy to use on your course are the personal items – a mask, a snorkel, fins and a wetsuit. You’ll be glad you have your own as you can take these with you wherever you dive, and means that you won’t be hiring items such as masks and snorkels that many other people have also used.

Deon behind counter

If you know scuba diving is for you, we really do recommend you buy your own BCD and Regulator too as it is vital that you know how these important pieces of diving equipment work, that they fit you and that nothing leaks….  And once you have them, you’ve got them 😀


It really is worth speaking to us about your gear before you purchase – we’re here to help you and to save you money in the long run – this means that you will have more money available for more dives, more dive trips… and that underwater camera you will be wanting to buy to show your friends how amazing the underwater world really is!

Contact us today to discuss your scuba equipment needs 😀